We are a small firm of four attorneys/lawyers and offer legal services with a personal touch. We set high value on giving individual advice and creating a trusting relationship with our clients.

Thanks to our wide experience, we become familiar with the various aspects of a case and have an eye for the essential. We offer competent support and will come up with the best solution with our clients.

One partner has recognized training in Mediation and offers her mediation activities in various areas of cohabitation.

Our clients include private individuals, companies and foundations as well as all types of communities, which appreciate the diverse and sustainable services of our firm.

We are recorded in the Attorney/Barrister register and are members of the Bar Association of Basel-City as well as members of the Swiss Bar Association.

Law office


We will guide you about legal regulations, will discuss the possibilities, risks and costs of enforcing your case, and will put our full support behind your chosen route. We will evaluate or draft your contracts and other important documents and voice our view on your projects from a legal point of view.

Representation in negotiations and in court

We will support and represent you in negotiations with private individuals as well as in courts and before authorities. We will adopt, depending on wishes and circumstances, a pro-active or a conciliatory attitude. You can count on us to provide reliable and competent support in difficult situations.

Drawing up of notarial documents

With the involvement of a certifying officer, we will produce notarial instruments for all types of companies and foundations, for marriage and inheritance matters, for care orders as well as for property transactions in the cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Country. In other cantons, we can prepare property transactions for the competent notary authorities.

Assumption of specific functions and tasks

We can safeguard and take care of your economic or personal interests in the private or professional spheres of your choosing, including as will executor or as a foundation board or board of directors. We offer our services for everyday issues with a legal basis, and are available to provide a second opinion or impartial information, so you can come to your own opinion.

The focus of our activity

Civil law

  • Contract law (including labour, rental, purchase, contract and procurement law)
  • Marriage, divorce and cohabitation law 
  • Child and adult protection law
  • Inheritance and estate planning 
  • Property transfer law 
  • Liability and insurance law 
  • Corporate and foundation law

Criminal law

  • Criminal defence 
  • Petty offences and reporting 
  • Accident and injuries claims

Public law

  • General administrative law 
  • Construction and planning law 
  • Public personnel law 
  • Social insurance law 
  • Public procurement law 
  • Data protection law

In our firm all the partners are available to give legal advice and represent the interests of clients.

Geographical area of activity

We mainly represent clients before the courts and authorities in North-West Switzerland (cantons of Basel-City, Basel-Country, Argovia and Solothurn). Also, depending on the circumstances, we can represent our clients before the courts and authorities in other cantons or foreign authorities.


The attorney/lawyer who takes on the case for the client takes sole responsibility for his/her mandate.



Mediation is a voluntary process that can help you sort out a conflict in an independent and fair manner. The mediator acts as an intermediary between the parties to a conflict and will help find sustainable solutions. The aim is to enable changes that meet the needs of the parties involved. It is not a matter of attributing guilt or innocence, of winning or losing; the aim is to come up with the best solution for the future.

It is very important to us that the mediation process take place in an atmosphere of trust. Your personal situation and your wishes will be taken seriously and considered. Communication between the parties will be encouraged and their personal relationships will be protected. The result will be recorded in a written agreement. If required by law – such as in the case of divorce – we will present all the necessary documents before the court and will assist you at the court hearing.

We offer mediation in the following areas:

  • Family and partnerships 
  • Separation and divorce 
  • Inheritance disputes 
  • Rental and neighbourhood conflicts 
  • Conflicts at the workplace 
  • Intercultural conflicts 
  • Conflicts at school or church 
  • Out-of-court offence resolution in criminal law 


The number of sessions needed to come to an agreement will depend on the complexity of the conflict. A session usually takes one and a half to two hours. When setting the fee, we take your financial circumstances into account. Successful mediation is generally faster and less costly than court proceedings.

In our office, Elisabeth Lehmann has recognized training in mediation and many years of practical experience. She will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Urs Pfander

Urs Pfander
Dr. iur., attorney/lawyer

Born in 1961
Languages: German, French, English

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  • Studied law at the universities of Basel, Switzerland, and Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Various internships working for trusts, law firms and courts
  • Admission to the bar 
  • Research assistant for criminal law and criminal procedural law at the law faculty of the University of Basel 
  • Doctorate at the University of Basel with a dissertation on state and administrative law 
  • Employee in the legal department of a multinational forwarding and logistics group
  • Spent many years working for the data protection supervisory service of Basel-City (member/chair of the former data protection commission) as well as at the Basel-Stadt Court of care-related hospitalisation (Vice chairman)
  • Self-employed attorney/lawyer since 1993 with experience in a wide range of fields


Main areas of activity

  • Contract law 
  • Marriage and inheritance law 
  • Criminal law and criminal procedural law 
  • Liability and insurance law 
  • Personal rights, association and foundation law 
  • Data protection law 


Other activities

  • Legal counsel of Swiss professional photographers and photo designers, SBF

Evelyne Alder

Evelyne Alder

lic. iur., attorney/lawyer

Born in 1965
Languages: German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese

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  • Studied law at the University of Basel
  • Various internships working for insurances, public administrations, courts and law firms
  • Admission to the bar
  • Employee in the legal department of Coop Legal Protection
  • Self-employed attorney/lawyer since 1996 with experience in a wide range of fields


Main areas of activity

  • Contract law
  • Labour law
  • Liability and insurance law
  • Social insurance law
  • Marriage and divorce law
  • Criminal law and criminal procedural law
  • Victim legal aid


Other activities

  • Legal consultant for the association Neustart, advice for offenders and relatives
  • Judge at the juvenile court of Basel-City

Elisabeth Lehmann

Elisabeth Lehmann
lic. iur., attorney/lawyer
Mediator SDM / SAV
Collaborative Lawyer CLP

Mother of two grown-up children
Languages: German, English, French, Italian

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  • Studied law at the University of Bern
  • Internships working for law firms, courts and public administrations
  • Admission to the bar in 1990
  • Human resources manager in an international communications company
  • Continuous training in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, specialising in developmental psychology and systemic therapy, 1992 to 1994
  • Legal adviser at the Tenants' Association of Basel
  • Mediation training at the Institute for Systemic Development and Training in Zurich (IEF), 1998 to 2000
  • Training in collaborative lawyer procedures (CLP), 2013
  • Training 'child in focus', 2015
  • Continuous training in couple therapy at the 'Institut für ökologisch-systemische Therapie', Zürich, 2019/2020
  • Self-employed attorney/lawyer and mediator in Basel since 2000


Main areas of activity

  • Mediations
  • Family law
  • Marriage and cohabitation law
  • Separation and divorce law
  • Child and adult protection law
  • Inheritance law
  • Tenancy law
  • Labour law


Other activities

  • Member of the certification committee of the Swiss umbrella organization for mediation, SDM, 2009-2019
  • Member of the interdisciplinary working group 'Netzwerk Kinder', since 2010


Ursula Schneider

Ursula Schneider-Fuchs
Dr. iur., attorney/lawyer

Born in 1971
Languages: German, French, English

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  • Universities of Basel and Neuchâtel, degree in 1995
  • Internships in law firms, courts and public administrations
  • Admission to the bar in 1997
  • Employee in a commercial law firm in Basel 1998/1999
  • Doctorate at the University of Basel with a dissertation on debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, 1999
  • Employee at the Department of Legal Affairs and Compliance in a smaller asset management bank (Dreyfus Söhne & Cie AG, Banquiers) 1999 to 2013
  • Self-employed attorney/lawyer since 2013
  • CAS Criminal Procedural Law 2014/2015


Main areas of activity

  • Probate/wills
  • Contract law
  • Personal rights, association and foundation law
  • Tax procedure law
  • Criminal law and criminal procedural law/juvenile law
  • Commercial criminal law
  • Banking law/compliance


Other activities

  • Member of the Tax Appeals Commission of Basel-City
  • Trustee and director at various foundations
  • Member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)




We charge for our services based on time. This applies both to judicial procedures and to advice or out-of-court representation. In some circumstances, we may exceptionally agree a flat-rate fee. The hourly rates depend on the complexity and importance of the matter, and vary from CHF 250 to CHF 400. In special cases a reduced rate may apply. In addition to the fee, VAT at the applicable rate as well as the costs of copies, communications and travel may be charged. 

The specific rate will be agreed with you and laid down in the fee agreement. Due to rules of professional conduct, we are bound to demand an appropriate advance on costs.

If a compensation for fees is awarded during a judicial proceeding, it will be collected by us and deducted in the invoice.

For judicial procedures, in the event of limited financial resources being available, we will check whether there is an opportunity for legal aid. If legal aid is granted, the legal costs will be borne by the state.

Please let us know if you have legal protection insurance. We will be pleased to check whether this can be used to cover costs.


Directions by public transport

Tram 3 to Spalentor, bus 30 and 33 to Spalentor or Bernoullianum

​Arrival by car

The nearest parking is the multi-storey City car park (University Hospital).


Postal address

Bernoullistrasse 20
CH - 4056 Basel


T 0041 61 264 94 94
F 0041 61 264 94 99






Note for communication via e-mail

E-mail communications are subject to technical conditions over which the users have no influence. So, the integrity and confidentiality of a message as well as the identity of the sender or recipient cannot be fully guaranteed. We cannot assume any liability or provide a guarantee. If you are not willing to take these risks, we kindly ask you to inform us in order that alternative means of communication can be used.